• Devoney Looser Arizona State University
  • Alexandra Prunean
  • David Owen
Keywords: juvenilia, Australian literature, Romantics, literary tradition, child writer, child author, magazine culture, women editors, women writers, serials, Victorian childhood, Jane Austen, novel, young adult, teenage, adolescent, nineteenth century, eighteenth-century, literature, British, prolepsis


Juliet McMaster's Jane Austen, Young Author (Ashgate [now marketed by Routledge], 2016), reviewed by Devoney Looser; Ethel Turner's Tales from the Parthenon and That Young Rebel, edited by Pamela Nutt with others (Juvenilia Press, 2014 and 2015), reviewed by Alexandra Prunean; Laurie Langbauer's The Juvenile Tradition: Young Writers and Prolepsis, 1750-1835 (Oxford UP, 2016), reviewed by David Owen.