About the Journal

Focus and Scope: The Journal of Juvenilia Studies (JJS) is an open-access, peer-reviewed e-journal that is published twice yearly by the International Society for Literary Juvenilia (ISLJ) and hosted by the University of Alberta Libraries. We publish original scholarly essays on all aspects of juvenilia studies, with a particular focus on literary and visual works of art; we also aim to provide a forum for a broad range of theoretical approaches and methodologies, in order to reflect and contribute to the international and interdisciplinary nature of the field of juvenilia studies. As part of our mandate to support juvenilia studies we also publish, in each issue, reviews of select recent publications and, where appropriate, notices of upcoming conferences and calls for papers. The website maintains a comprehensive list of work produced by scholars in the field

Publishing with the JJS: With the exception of specifically invited papers by guest contributors, all articles published in the JJS are peer-reviewed. Authors will never be charged any fee to submit or publish a manuscript through the Journal of Juvenilia Studies. We welcome submissions on all aspects of juvenilia studies; most of the articles we publish are in 6000 words in length or thereabouts, but we also publish shorter papers (in the 3000-word range) and book reviews. We welcome queries from prospective authors. Please see Announcements for submission deadlines; please see Submissions for more detailed guidelines. For queries about articles, contact the Editor, Lesley Peterson (peterson.lesley@gmail.com); for queries about reviews, contact the Review Editor, Donna Couto (d.couto@unsw.edu.au). The editors encourage queries from authors who are interested in submitting an article or a review.

Open Access Policy: This journal provides immediate open access to all content in order to support the exchange of knowledge and the creation of new knowledge.

Copyright Notice: The Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International license applies to all works published by the JJS, and authors will retain copyright of their work.

History of the JJS: The JJS is published by the International Society for Literary Juvenilia (ISLJ). The ISLJ was established in June 2017, during the Fifth International Conference in Literary Juvenilia, which was held at the University of North Alabama. A major sponsor of that conference, and a major partner of the ISLJ, is the Juvenilia Press, https://www.arts.unsw.edu.au/juvenilia/, a non-profit publishing venture dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed scholarly editions of literary juvenilia in illustrated and accessible editions.

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