Call for Updates to the JJS Recent Scholarship List


The Journal of Juvenilia Studies is pleased to announce that Anna Merz and Katherine Stein, graduate student representatives on the International Society of Literary Juvenilia Board, are joining JJS as editors of the “Recent Scholarship” initiative. The Journal of Juvenilia Studies “Recent Scholarship” project is dedicated to updating and maintaining a bibliography of recently published interdisciplinary work in the field of juvenilia.

Updates to the web resource, “Recent Scholarship,” will be produced bi-annually, accompanied by a column published annually in the Journal of Juvenilia Studies designed to highlight trends in juvenilia studies, spotlight outstanding research, and suggest future areas of study for readers.

The journal encourages submissions of both traditional and non-traditional scholarly projects. Please send information about articles, monographs, critical editions, and reviews, as well as digital humanities work, public humanities initiatives, pedagogical projects, and undisciplined approaches to the field. We are especially interested in highlighting interdisciplinary work released since 2019, as well as scholarship that centers traditionally underrepresented authors, artists, and composers.

JJS is dedicated to developing “Recent Scholarship” as a valuable public humanities database of recent scholarship – of use to scholars, teachers, and students.  Our hope is that “Recent Scholarship” stands as a reliable and up-to-date resource that surveys a comprehensive and diverse array of juvenilia research.  If you identify any major works that are not represented, please write in.  Submissions may include both self-authored pieces and works produced by your colleagues.

For Entries to be included in the upcoming revisions to the list, they should be received no later than 31 December 2022.